A Dry Subject!

5th August 2019

According one of her students our business mentor, Anna Renouf, made a dry subject interesting, which is good to hear! Anna has been running workshops since November 2018, helping people in our community (and beyond) in all aspects of business development, from the basics of starting up a business, writing a business plan, developing marketing strategies to using social media.

Anna brings a wealth of experience to our Business Mentoring Project, which is funded by SE’s Sustainable Development Fund.  As Director of Orrin Equestrian Products, she makes saddles for horses which are based around her innovative and uniquely designed carbon fibre tree.

In the spring Anna was given the opportunity to pitch at the semi-finals of Investing Women Awards, alongside amazing female led business’s.  She was also a participant in the Unlocking Ambition fellowship programme and at the end of the year was invited to Bute House to meet Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister.

All our students are delighted to be taught by Anna, and to learn from her wealth of experience.